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NY Weekly - Candid Sync Founder Aims to Bring Professional Photography Closer to the People

Today’s digital arena has driven many entrepreneurs and enterprises towards modernization. Some go-getting personalities are determined to climb the summits of success using technology and becoming more aggressive in their pursuits. In contrast, others strive for excellence by continuously providing more innovative ways to make a difference in the lives of many individuals across the world. However, like any new experience, the current digital space has its ups and downs. Countless individuals have had to contend with the reality that digital advancements are challenging to adapt to, especially when traditional methods still work to their advantage. But for a visionary like Ronnie Prassas, an esteemed entrepreneur and founder of an innovative enterprise, Candid Sync, the only way to achieve success is to embrace change. Guided by this philosophy, he elevates the careers of photographers, content creators, and the like through his promising enterprise.

Candid Sync is an app set to change the course of photography and the digital realm. While many entities are established to be money-making sources for budding entrepreneurs, enterprises like Candid Sync take it upon themselves to provide revolutionary initiatives that catalyze change and impact the lives of many. “It’s about time that we connect all the photographers who are doing great work with everybody looking for professional-quality photoshoots. Through this initiative, we can all capture life’s most special and priceless moments,” shared Ronnie.

Ronnie Prassas, the founder of this promising app, aims to bring professional photography closer to people. This vision came to him when he worked directly with top business authorities and influencers who struggled to find great photos at a reasonable price. He also met some amazing photographers who were constantly eager to take good photos. Hand in hand with these circumstances he had met along the way, he decided to create an avenue where photographers could connect with individuals from all walks of life for an instant photoshoot. People can connect with a professional to get the photo they want, whether it is for social media, your business, or your own memories.

“I launched Candid Sync because I know firsthand from working directly with top business leaders and influencers the struggles to have a great photoshoot at a reasonable price, without outrageous planning,” explained Ronnie.

Apart from offering individuals the opportunity to get professional quality photos, Candid Sync also serves as an avenue for photographers looking to get ahead in an inherently competitive industry. As the world evolves, the competition has become fierce, making it more difficult for professionals, such as photographers, to establish a name for themselves. Through Candid Sync, photographers will be featured in its app, providing these talented personalities an avenue to increase their visibility. For this reason, this trailblazing entity is not only created for individuals and businesses but is also established to offer growth benefits to professional photographers.

The Candid Sync app is currently live, and it is just getting started. In the coming years, it aims to become a go-to avenue for photographers, individuals, and businesses alike, helping each facet of the population grow their enterprise and promote their initiatives unlike any other.

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