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Candid Sync Announces the Launch of
The First On-Demand Photography Booking Service

In today’s social media and content-driven age, so many of us are always looking for quality photos. And the amount of great photographers looking for work has never been higher. Despite this seemingly perfect match, the two haven’t been brought together so that creators and photographers can work together efficiently and effectively.

Candid Sync is the first and only on-demand photography booking service. We offer photoshoots for anybody within minutes, all within a simple app interface.
With the rise of photo-driven social media, everybody from influencers, to travelers, to businesses need high-quality photos. And, you never know when that perfect setting will pass by.

Whether for an awe-inspiring tourist attraction, a planned influencer shoot, the gym, the office, or an unexpected perfect moment, Candid Sync brings photographers right to you within minutes. We believe this service will change photography.

Picture (pun-intended) Candid Sync changing photography the way ride-sharing services changed transportation. With widespread access to smartphones, we can now use a better system to book photography sessions.

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Changing the Industry

Candid Sync is an app set to change the course of photography and the digital realm. The Candid Sync app is currently live, and it is just getting started. In the coming years, it aims to become a go-to avenue for photographers, individuals, and businesses alike, helping each facet of the population grow their enterprise and promote their initiatives unlike any other.

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