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Ronnie Prassas created Candid Sync as a platform that fulfills multiple needs.

In today's world, a valuable company solves a problem, which often determines its success. However, behind these problem-solving companies are go-getters and visionaries passionate about improving the world and creating solutions that make life better for individuals and businesses. Seasoned entrepreneur and founder Ronnie Prassas has set out to make a difference in the world by establishing Candid Sync to make professional photography accessible to everyone who needs it, regardless of where they are.

Candid Sync is the manifestation of Ronnie Prassas' vision which sees a world where photographers and those who need professional photographers easily meet, connect and execute projects. The company introduces a much-needed change to the creative world by giving photographers and content creators a fighting chance to thrive in their chosen fields and excel.

At its core, Candid Sync is an application that showcases photographers with great work and experience to people or clients who need their services. So whether a content creator needs a photographer or an individual needs crisp and clean photos for their social media feed, Candid Sync is the conduit through which these connections are made. "It's about time we connect all the photographers doing great work with everybody looking for professional-quality photoshoots. Through this initiative, we can capture life's most special and priceless moments," Ronnie shared.

The motivation to build Candid Sync stemmed from Ronnie Prassas' experience of witnessing the struggles of influencers and business personalities when looking for affordable and quality photography. He resolved to find a solution to this problem; thus, Candid Sync came to life. "I launched Candid Sync because I know firsthand from working directly with top business leaders and influencers the struggles to have a great photoshoot at a reasonable price, without outrageous planning," Ronnie explained. He also went the extra mile by meeting amazing photographers and finding ways to connect them with potential clients easily. From his findings, he created a platform that enables people to search for shutterbugs in any location and schedule their photoshoots for a convenient time.

Candid Sync is more than a platform used for linking photographers with clients. It is also the perfect solution for photographers looking to get ahead of the competition in their niches or locations. As they sign up on the platform, they get well-positioned to attract clients and boost their businesses. With how the world has changed over the last few years, platforms like Candid

Sync have become the best way for photographers to build their profile, gaining more visibility and a name for themselves in the competitive digital space.

Presently, the app is available on mobile application stores. In the coming years, Ronnie Prassas sees the app becoming the go-to platform for anyone looking for photographers as well as professionals looking to kickstart their careers. "We look forward to seeing how Candid Sync can shake things up in the creative world. We have laid the groundwork and only hope that it serves its purpose and eases how photographers link up with those that need their services," Ronnie said.

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