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Candid Sync - Book A Photographer Nearby!

Photography is an integral part of content creation, digital marketing and visual content. The growing need for photography services has made it a high-demand service in a highly competitive industry. Typically, photographers have to be outstanding to land clients, while clients have to book months or weeks ahead, even for minor projects. There is also the problem of getting photographers based on their geographical locations within a short time. To many, these seem like normal challenges of the trade, but for a visionary like Ronnie Prassas, they are problems that require immediate, lasting solutions. Thus, he built his platform, Candid Sync, to enable people to book photographers near them on-demand for instant photoshoots.

As an entrepreneur, Ronnie Prassas realized that many people, including content creators, A-list celebrities and individuals, often need professional photographers on short notice and most times, they never get the best service. Thus, he decided to solve that problem by simplifying how photographers connect with clients and execute business.

“I launched Candid Sync because I know firsthand from working directly with top business leaders and influencers the struggles to have a great photoshoot at a reasonable price, without outrageous planning,” Ronnie shared. “I also met so many amazing photographers out there, eager to take great pictures, and perhaps even more people who want great photos, especially in our social media age.”

Ronnie Prassas created Candid Sync as a platform that fulfills multiple needs. It has a booking system highlighting a photographer’s location, ratings, and equipment. As a result, photographers gain more visibility and are better positioned to attract more clients.

The goal of establishing Candid Sync is to give photographers a boost in their careers while getting the chance to get work regularly from clients who may have otherwise not found them. “As an ordinary person who does not work as a professional model, I always thought about how awesome it would be to have access to professional photographs for my social media page. However, asking strangers on the street, aside from the inevitable awkwardness and hassle, always led to lackluster photos. I believe many other people feel the same way and would love the option of hiring a professional photographer within short notice to take photos of them,” Ronnie revealed. “This inspired the idea of Candid Sync, and I hope to make it that simple for as many as possible.”

Any photographer struggling with visibility will find Candid Sync refreshing as it presents a unique solution that enables them to showcase their expertise and all their unique offerings. The simple booking process it offers can be availed via its mobile application or website. Some of the mobile application features include booking a photoshoot on demand, connecting users with photographers within the exact geographic location, planning a photoshoot, location and details ahead of time, and choosing photographers based on their ratings and equipment.

“In 2022 and beyond, photo content is not going anywhere. It will only expand and become more important for businesses and personal brands. So whether you’re an influencer, a sightseer, a realtor or you just found the perfect West Village stoop to take some cute photos at, Candid Sync will leave you with pictures you’ll be excited to show off,” the application’s website noted.

Over the next few years, Ronnie Prassas sees the platform taking off and becoming every photographer’s favorite place to get work done. He also sees content creators and individuals choosing Candid Sync as their go-to platform to get quality, professional photos

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