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Candid Sync

Updated: May 20, 2022

Book photographers near you for an instant photoshoot.

Download the app to book a shoot with a photographer near you and start making content together.

See Candid Sync In Action and Start Creating Content

How It Works

  1. Open the app nearby where you want to take photos. You can also schedule ahead of time.

  2. Select from the available photographers. You will see their name, equipment, experience, rating, and estimated time away. The cost is based on a three-tier system: photographer, professional photographer, and verified photographer.

  3. Once they accept the job, meet for an amazing photoshoot. The cost of the shoot allows you to select your three favorite photos.

  4. If you love more than three, you can purchase additional photos.

  5. Show off. Post them on IG. Send them to your mother. Now’s the time to let them shine.

Whether for social media, your business, or your own memories, now you can connect with a pro and they’ll meet you within minutes.

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