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Candid Sync Providing a Platform for Photographers and Clients to Connect and Do Business Seamlessly

Photographers are highly in demand globally, thanks to the growing importance of photo and visual content in today’s digital world. This has made it near impossible for many people who need their services to get them at short notice or on-demand. However, this is not due to a shortage of photographers but rather the challenge of finding photographers based on their geographical locations. The team at Candid Sync thought they could solve this problem by creating a platform that allows people to book a photographer near them on-demand for an instant photoshoot.

Candid Sync is a platform that runs a booking system where users can see a photographer’s location, equipment and rating. It gives photographers an avenue to showcase themselves and get new clients for their business. Founded by Ronnie Prassas, Candid Sync was built to solve two problems: to help photographers find work efficiently and help people who need photography content easily hire the best photographer in the area. Ronnie Prassas has worked with many A-list celebrities as their traveling butler, so he understands how in-demand content for their business and personal lives is. He decided to meet their needs by making it simpler for clients and photographers to connect and set up business transactions.

The understanding that not everyone has the big bucks to roll out when hiring photographers is part of why Candid Sync was built. The company saves people who need photography the struggles of getting great photoshoots without breaking the bank or embarking on any over-the-top planning. “As an ordinary person who does not work as a professional model, I always thought about how awesome it would be to have access to professional photographs for my social media page. Asking strangers on the street, aside from the inevitable awkwardness and hassle, always led to lackluster photos,” Ronnie revealed.

Candid Sync presents the perfect solution that connects photographers doing great work with people looking for professional-quality photoshoots. Many photographers need projects to showcase their abilities, while more people want to have more great photos to put on their social media pages. Candid Sync offers the perfect meeting point for both to happen. The platform has a website and a mobile application to enable its simple booking process.

The mobile application allows users to book a photographer near them on-demand for an instant photoshoot within minutes. Some of its features include booking a photoshoot on demand, planning a photoshoot and location ahead of time, and connecting users within a specific location or vicinity. Clients also get to see the photographer’s ratings from their previous stints through the app and what type of equipment they use for work. “In 2022 and beyond, photo content is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s only going to expand and become more important for businesses and personal brands. So whether you’re an influencer, a sightseer, a realtor or you just found the perfect West Village stoop to take some cute photos at, Candid Sync will leave you with pictures you’ll be excited to show off,” their website stated.

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