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Candid Sync Connecting Creators with Photographers On-demand

As more content creators build a life out of their social media following and content, getting access to ready professionals, like videographers, photographers, and strategists, can be pretty challenging. But one entrepreneur named Ronnie Prassas hopes to change that with his new app called Candid Sync, a place to conveniently book on-demand photographers.

The concept behind Candid Sync is quite simple. It’s a space accessible for creators, influencers, and anyone looking to book on-demand professional photographers for an urgent shoot. However, despite being such a simple concept, it’s a need that has gone unmet for a very long time. “Within minutes, we want to give people an amazing and professionally done photography session taken by a verified photographer,” explains Ronnie. “Whether for social media, your business, or your memories, now you can connect with a pro, and they’ll meet you within minutes.”

App founder, Ronnie Prassas, is no stranger to the world of influencers and celebrities. He has worked with many A-listers as a traveling butler and has learned how to conduct content for businesses and personal life. He came up with Candid Sync because he found an unaddressed pain point after working many years with business leaders, influencers, and content creators who struggle with finding readily available photographers for a reasonable price. He also saw the problem of outrageous logistics when trying to get photographers for celebrities who were out traveling in a place they did not necessarily have contacts with.

Over the years, Ronnie has built a network of amazing photographers around the world who are more than eager to work with the world’s best. Photography has become such an important core to the social media formula in this day of social media, glamour, and digital influence. With that, Prassas found an opportunity.

“I always thought about how awesome it would be to have access to professional photographs for my social media page,” sharers the Candid Sync creator and founder. “Asking strangers on the street, aside from the inevitable awkwardness and hassle, always led to lackluster photos. Well, not anymore. It’s about time we connect all the photographers doing great work with everybody looking for professional-quality photoshoots, so we can all capture life’s special and priceless moments.”

Candid Sync has a great user experience that allows users to check photographers according to location, equipment, and client ratings. Through the app, creators can then proceed to book a photoshoot on-demand wherever they are and have the photographers meet up with them at a set time. The app also allows one to plan a photoshoot ahead of time and never miss that perfect moment for a social media content campaign or series.

The online service also screens the photographers on its database with a strict three-tier system to ensure that clients have access only to the most professional and talented base of photographers. Given that the world will only start relying on more media to push ideas, brands, and lifestyles forward, Ronnie Prassas hopes that Candid Sync will become a crucial element in the influencer experience. By doing so, he hopes to help creators in their quest to build a life they desire and make it that much easier for them to create a living out of their social media content.

Candid Sync is currently in the soft-launch phase and should hit more cities in the next few months.

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