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Candid Sync - Press 

The future of connecting photographers and influencers has arrived. 

Think of it like ride-sharing apps, except for photography.


As a photographer, this could be a great opportunity to find work, in particular work right in your area, on-demand. 

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Brand Assets and Business Information

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We have built an app called Candid Sync that helps influencers and content creators connect with photographers near them, so you can create content on demand.

Think of it like ride-sharing apps, except for photography.  We think the app has the potential to become like Uber and Grubhub have today. 


We’re also looking to collaborate with content creators to make marketing videos for the NYC market, so there’s also a financial opportunity there for you as well.

"This concept could be the next biggest

On- Demand service." 

Pro Photographer

"Imagine having unlimited access to content creators"

Influencer / User

"Candid Sync is the future of meeting professional photographers



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